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After years of working as an account executive for well-known staffing businesses, I began to recognise that for top producers, there was a sense of capped income potential and a lack of personal fulfillment inherent in the typical staffing agency structure. Realizing there was more opportunity and potential to take advantage of, I was ultimately led to take what I knew about the industry, and my desire to make it work better for those who truly had the drive, ambition, and abilities to achieve results, and start my own professional employment services firm.

In 2004, I founded the originating company behind the DMA Global™ franchise system. Today, with my dedicated team of industry professionals, we offer a cutting-edge, non-biased, technology-based Professional Recruiting matching system, and apply it to a range of services, from executive search and contractor placements, to payrolling. We are a professional recruiting company offering our clients a trust based partnership. We give our clients more than just another staffing option, but one that is truly better in terms of screening and placement functions, and ultimate results – and one that still retains a personal touch, by focusing on building long-term relationships.

The reputation we have built over the years speaks for itself. Now, we want to provide further services and benefits to as many people as we can – candidates, clients, and franchise owners alike. So if you are ready to make a positive impact – on individuals and companies, as well as on your own future – then we invite you to further explore this opportunity with us.

This is your chance to become a respected, professional, and independent business owner, by joining the DMA Global™ franchise network. The freedom of being an independent business owner was one of the driving motivations for me to take the step and start my own business; I am offering you that same freedom, yet without the challenges of developing your own business model, operating systems, or even brand. It’s all been thought out for you! Don’t delay. With our sights set on further growth and development across North America, the next DMA Global™ professional employment services business could be yours...

 Bruno Lindia, President
DMA Global™ 

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Bruno Lindia, Founder 
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